With all of today’s options to book your travel needs, why should you consult Naples Luxury Travel Advisors?

The world is a big place and choosing where and when to travel can be an overwhelming. I’m here to help. I can help with a cruise, European tours, Adventure travel including whitewater rafting, safaris, trekking with lowland gorillas, visiting

UNESCO World Heritage Sites, visiting Asia, Africa, South America, Antarctica and even suborbital space exploration with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic. I advise individuals, couples, groups and multi-generational family trips. Whether you require a Private Jet, Yacht Charter or a remote location for a honeymoon or celebrating your 50th anniversary I am here to help. I can narrow down your choices or open new possibilities!

As the owner of Naples Luxury Travel Advisors, Inc., I believe in connecting with my clients, recognizing what they need and making sure I bring value and superior knowledge as well as superior service to their travel plans. I know you will appreciate the custom itineraries and cultural experiences we create for you. In an era where we cram more work into every hour, the concept of using travel as a return on life and then allows you to utilize these experiences as a way to connect with the world, your families and create priceless memories.

I feel it is important for me to establish the highest level of service and the expectations and go above and beyond for our clients each day. As an expert and advocate, Naples Luxury Travel will simplify an often-perplexing industry. I know how to make a difference. With over 35 years specializing in upmarket travel I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that I am eager to share with my clients. My specialization is in private jet excursions(link), cruising including world cruises Link and foreign travel but my relationships and knowledge stretch around the world. I put my connections to work for you. During these 35 years I have followed the ever-evolving changes in the travel industry.  The only constant in the travel industry has been my commitment to excellence and providing my clients with the utmost attention to detail with their travel needs.

My passion for exploration has allowed me to travel extensively throughout many countries in Eastern and Western Europe, the Soviet Union, Asia and Africa.  From these travels I have gathered a wealth of knowledge not available in travel and tourist guides. As clients embark on their travels they can rest assured, I will impart these lessons and tips regarding local customs and traditions while ensuring their itineraries have been prepared with attention to detail.

 Claudia A. Gordon, CTC, DS

More Reasons To Book With Us

The Reasons:

On-Going Advocate

Your travel advisor is your planning consultant but he or she is also your advocate in the event of last-minute changes, cancellations or problems that may arise.

Complete, Non-Biased Information

Travel advisors have complete access to all airlines and travel suppliers, unlike some websites that only provide limited information on specific products. We meet the owners of these companies each year at Travel Mart and the International Luxury Travel Market in Cannes, France which helps us create the relationships that make your trips special. We also keep up on the latest ideas and destinations the world over. Private guides are an amazing way to immerse yourself in a new place and experience the culture, history, and cuisine. The most knowledgeable private guides can open the doors to an intimate journey that will allow you to see each destination in a new light. We always seek out the most reputable companies with the friendliest English-speaking guides (or other languages as needed) who know the destinations you want to experience. I have carefully cultivated contacts with the friendliest expert guides the world over and together we will create memories and friendships to last a lifetime!

We Build Relationships

Travel advisors build long-term relationships with their clients, similar to accountants, lawyers or financial planners. A travel agent becomes very familiar with your business model and adapts to meet your growing and changing travel needs.

Knowledge Goes Beyond the Basics

Experienced travel advisors can offer advice on a much broader range of travel issues than most travel websites. These certifications are from The Travel Institute. The CTC certification has represented the pinnacle of travel industry professionalism for nearly fifty years and is designed for seasoned travel professionals who are interested in advancing their career.

An Advisor who has a designation of CTC (Certified Traveler Counselor) means:

To earn the CTC, the professionals must:

  • Possess at least 5 years of full-time industry experience

  • Have completed the CTA program
  • Pass the CTC test.
  • Complete a 2000-3000 word White Paper
  • Commit to annual certification maintenance to retain their certification

An Advisor who has a designation of DS means:

A person who has passed a test administered by an accrediting body certifying that he or she possesses an expert level of knowledge about a specific tourist destination or region.

Transforming Confusion to Clarity

Travel advisors have been dealing with the complexities of the travel industry for years. Advisors are very well versed with all the rules and regulations, which can save you time and money. Travel advisors also manage your unused tickets that can be applied toward future travel arrangements. They monitor these credits and advise you if and when they can be used.

Enhance Your Travel Experience

We have travel partners around the world who can arrange private tours with the best guides and can open doors that most reservation agents and websites don’t even know exist.

Stay in Touch with the Latest

Travel advisors are constantly in the loop of travel news and alerts. Working with your travel advisor can keep you informed, saving you time and effort.


Why Use a Travel Advisor

Using a professional full service travel advisor is a vastly superior travel experience to using online travel agencies. An experienced travel advisor provides value added service the Internet will never match. We provide hands-on customer service at every step of the process. Travel is easy when we do all the work for you. If there is a problem on your trip a website will leave you on your own. We will help you resolve any issue. This is the added value of full service travel we provide everyday to all our clients. The internet has information galore about travel, but how do you know who to trust?  We have the knowledge based on years of personal experience to help you find the >best hotels, resorts, and cruise ships. We are trusted luxury travel advisors who are here to provide all the unbiased information you need to plan your trip. We succeed only when you are completely satisfied with your vacation. We get to know your preferences, likes and dislikes, interests and personal travel style. We don’t try to fit you into travel products; we find the travel experiences that best suit you!

High End Travel

Our knowledge as luxury travel advisors covers the world. We know the destinations you want to visit. We keep up on all the best in luxury cruise lines, luxury hotels, tour holidays, and luxury resorts. We travel like you do, and preview the finest properties for you. We also carefully cultivate relationships with the decision makers at these vendors. Creating and maintaining these contacts means value added vacations for you. At Travel Mart and I have the opportunity to sit down face to face to make these connections. We open doors for you no one else can. Welcome to a travel experience with service, access, and style. We think you deserve it!

Even CNN endorses using a travel agent, see article:

Are Travel Agents Making a 



So if you understand these benefits, you should choose:

Claudia Gordon, owner of Naples Luxury Travel Advisors, Inc. who was selected to A-List of Travel +Leisure for  2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009.

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We just got back from Hawaii. We absolutely love Maui. Everything you did was great!  The house was phenomenal! It was just one of those absolute perfect trips and it started by working with you.

John & Terri - Akron, OH

We have had the most marvelous time in Italy. Our hotels and guides were the best. Private tours is the way to go! We start our cruise adventure today. Thank you for planning such a wonderful vacation.

T and K - Illinois

Claudia,Thank you again for an amazing vacation adventure in Alaska. We had a great time relaxing, exploring, seeing wildlife and the scenery was breathtaking. We cant wait to plan the next trip!

J and Z - Bonita Springs, FL