Enthralling? Certainly.

Enticing? Definitely.

Extravagant? Possibly.

Exceptional? Undoubtedly.

For the ultimate trip of a lifetime, join one of the spectacular private jet journeys and visit an incredible array of far-flung destinations in one itinerary, made possible by the convenience of a custom-fitted private jet. Flying by private jet elevates your journey to an entirely new level of luxury, convenience and flexibility. Touch down in exotic destinations not always accessible via major carriers without multiple connections, bypass long lines, and come and go on a timetable based on your itinerary. It’s air travel as it was always meant to be.

Travel on exclusively chartered private jets, leather business class seats, one of only 50 seats on board with A&K, only 30-50 seats with Lakani World Tours, Four Seasons has 52 seats all reclining a full 180 degrees into a bed, some with a relaxing massage and adjustable lumbar support available at the touch of a button, 80-90 seats with TCS that only recline 45 degrees. Many travelers use these trips as a general overview of world highlights to pinpoint where they might like to return for a lengthier stay.


Overseeing every detail of your trip are the Tour Director and Tour Managers, globe-spanning experts some of whom travel with you from start to finish with some companies, while local guides join you in each destination to add a personal perspective to every encounter.


Private Jet Journey includes exclusive events in many locations allowing you to experience the authentic flavor of each destination.


Private Jet Journeys feature properties chosen by our experts for their authentic reflection of each destination’s style and spirit. Your meals are more than just a chance to dine at the end of the day – they are a complete feast for the senses, some with local entertainment and stunning natural backdrops. While on board an executive chef creates in-flight menus with the freshest ingredients, providing a first-class experience all the way. While travelling with some companies, speakers from world-renowned organizations enrich your experiences with their expertise. These experts come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including history, art, science and diplomacy, and share their insights on each destination.



Lakani World Tours


October 12-27, 2020 World Tour by Luxury Private Jet

 2020 Brochure 

October 14-30, 2019 World Tour by Private Jet  SOLD OUT WAITLIST ONLY

Feb 22-Mar 8, 2020 African Adventure by Luxury Private Jet in Partnership with & Beyond

May 9-24, 2020 Europe Rediscovered by Luxury Private Jet

June 23-July 7, 2020 African Explorations by Luxury Private Jet 

Sept 3-17, 2020 Unusual Europe by Luxury Private Jet 

July 1-16, 2019 African Explorations by Private Jet 

Sept 6-20, 2019 Europe and Ancient Cities by VIP Private Jet 

October 19-November 2, 2019 South American Odyssey Luxury Private Jet


Abercrombie & Kent


For your safety and peace of mind, A&K has a dedicated physician on board every flight.


Feb 15-Mar 11, 2020 Wildlife Safari: Around the World by Private Jet

Oct 12-Nov 3, 2019 Cultural Treasures Around the World by Private JetOct 12-Nov 3, 2019 Cultural r

Sept 6-19, 2019 Wings over Northern Europe

June 11-24, 2019 and June 18-July 1, 2019 Wings Over the Mediterranean

Sept 10-23, 2019 and June 16-29, 2020 Wings Over the Mediterranean

Oct 28-Nov 9, 2019 and March 2-14, 2020 Wings Over Spain & Morocco

October 5-16, 2019 and Feb 8-19, 2020  Wings Over East Africa

Oct 17-Oct 30, 2019 and Feb 20-March 4, 2020 Wings Over Southern Africa

Sept 24-26, 2019; Oct 28-Nov9, 2019; March 11-23, 2020; March 22-April 3, 2020; April 1-13, 2020 Wings Over Israel, Jordan & Egypt

Oct 31–Nov 13, 2019 Wings Over India


Four Seasons


Sept 17-Oct 10 2019 Timeless Encounters

Oct 23-Nov 15, 2019 World of Adventure Wait List Only

Feb 15-March 9, 2020 International Intrigue

March 13-April 5, 2020 Timeless Encounters

June 3-26, 2020 World of Adventures


White Desert Antarctica by Private Jet


2020 trip dates:


Emperor and South Pole: Nov 28-Dec 6, 2020
Emperor and South Pole: 6-14 Dec 2020
Emperor and South Pole: 14-21 Dec 2020
Emperor and South Pole: 21-29 Dec 2020
Emperor and South Pole: 29 Dec 2020 – 6 Jan 2021
Emperor and South Pole: 6 -14 Jan 2020

Emperor and South Pole 15-23 Jan 2020

Emperor and South Pole Jan 23-31, 2020




June 28-July 20, 2019 Northern Summer A Journey Around the World by Private Jet

Jan 21-Feb 13, 2020 A Presidents Journey Around the World

February 21-March 16, 2020 Around the World by Private Jet

April 11-May 1, 2020 Legends and Empires by Private Jet

April 12-30, 2020 Best of Australia and New Zealand a Private Jet Expedition

May 12-29, 2020 Treasures of Eurasia Mozart to Marco Polo by Private Jet

June 17-July 4, 2020 Land of the Midnight Sun Northern Europe by Private Jet

July 6-23, 2020 Islands and Outposts of the Atlantic a Private Jet Expedition

July 23-Aug 10, 2020 Highlights of Brazil a Private Jet Expedition

Aug 31-Sep 17, 2020 Southern Africa: Wine and Wildlife a Private Jet Expedition

Sep 16-Oct 3, 2020 Southern Africa: Wine and Wildlife a Private Jet Expedition

October 24-Nov 17, 2020 Around the World by Private Jet

September 29 – October 22, 2019 Around the World

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We just got back from Hawaii. We absolutely love Maui. Everything you did was great!  The house was phenomenal! It was just one of those absolute perfect trips and it started by working with you.

John & Terri - Akron, OH

We have had the most marvelous time in Italy. Our hotels and guides were the best. Private tours is the way to go! We start our cruise adventure today. Thank you for planning such a wonderful vacation.

T and K - Illinois

Claudia,Thank you again for an amazing vacation adventure in Alaska. We had a great time relaxing, exploring, seeing wildlife and the scenery was breathtaking. We cant wait to plan the next trip!

J and Z - Bonita Springs, FL